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5 Best Climate Lies of 2015 - TheBlaze

Dec 28, 2015· The year 2015 is already almost over. And just like previous years climate cultists have been busy lying to our face, exaggerating claims or carefully cherry-picking their data. Since the mainstream media is usually on board with them, here is what you missed. This Is The Hottest Year On Record A climate cultist year would not be complete without c

Why You Should Think Twice About Going to College - TheBlaze

Aug 31, 2015· When the U.S. economy collapsed with the burst of the real estate bubble at the end of 2008, the public blamed then-President George W. Bush and Democrats swept into office with the promise they would clean up the mess the Republicans had left behind. Here we are, nearly six years later, and the economy is still sluggish, stock markets around the g

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The Top 9 Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theories | HuffPost

Jul 30, 2013· The Very Best of Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Theories. 9. ... an environmental organization that used to have Barack Obama on its board steered grants to the Chicago Climate Exchange, whose investors include Al Gore, Fannie Mae, and Goldman Sachs. At the same time, the former CEO of Fannie Mae secured a patent for carbon trade swap and managed to ...

Constitution Quest Board Game | Official Site

The Constitution Quest Game is FUN. EASY. INCLUSIVE.VITAL! It's a FUN & EASY way to LEARN the Constitution, as evidenced by reviews from students, teachers, and families since 2011.. It's INCLUSIVE because it's nonpartisan and beneficial for young, old, novice, or expert, citizens and those desiring to be so.. It's VITAL because a population that understands the fundamentals of its self ...

Beck Blitz: Glenn Beck's Big Annoucement - Game on! by The ...

Beck Blitz: Glenn Beck's Big Annoucement - Game on! by The Glenn Beck Program published on T17:36:54Z. Recommended tracks No, Chick-fil-A Didn't Give In to the LGBTQ Mob | 11/19/19 by Pat Gray Unleashed published on T15:58:39Z The Glenn Beck Program | Hour 2 | 12/17/19 by The Glenn Beck Program published on T18:35:12Z Ep 62 | UN Ambassador …

Beck Threatens to Quit NRA if They Re-Elect 'Secret Muslim ...

Beck, a vocal supporter of the NRA, decided to take action: earlier this week, he publicly promised to resign from the NRA if they chose to re-elect Norquist to the board.

Anybody worried about the ESG being added to your stocks ...

Glenn Beck should be banned outside the poli board. This score is a response to market demand for more insight into the companies people invest in. I know it's shocking, but some people want to avoid investing in companies that they think are hurting the planet.

Amazon: Constitution Quest Game: Toys & Games

I highly recommend this game to families, teachers, schools and all Americans! ;) I want to add as a parent I am used to buying board games that average $15 but this to me is more than just a board game. It's a game, a book, history and the most important document of our country rolled into one - so that being said, it's worth the price.

Beau Friedlander - Wikipedia

Beau Friedlander is an American writer, publisher, and media consultant. He was the founder of Context Books, an award-winning small press, and editor-in-chief at Air America and has garnered notoriety as a provocateur for progressive causes.. First published in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom, most notably in the May Anthology of Oxford and Cambridge Poetry edited by Nobel Laureate ...

JUDSON PHILLIPS: Glenn Beck and the Republican problem ...

Mar 22, 2015· Glenn Beck is one of America's best known radio and TV personalities. He might be called a conservative but that isn't really accurate. Mr. Beck runs his own talk show, the Blaze TV and ...

Glenn Beck The Board Game! - Youtube - For Some Years Now...

Oct 23, 2009· talk show host Glenn Beck has advertised many wholesome, family-orientated board games on his show. Unfortunately, in the past coup...

Sarah Palin: We've got to stand with our North Korean allies

Nov 24, 2010· Glenn Beck Recommended Sarah Palin SarahPalin created by at 11/11/2015 01:42 AM Glenn Beck GlennBeck Recommended Sarah Palin SarahPalin created by at 11/11/2015 04:32 AM Done Editing Tags

10 Book Recommendations by Glenn Beck | by ParrotRead ...

Nov 20, 2017· Glenn Beck is a leading American media personality, political commentator, author, and founder of TheBlaze.. We collected some of the recommendations Glenn shared on Twitter and other places around the web. For more books, check out Glenn Beck book recommendations on ParrotRead, or visit Glenn's summer reading list.

Glenn Beck: Mike Pence 'doing a horrible job' defending ...

Mar 31, 2015· Glenn Beck said Monday that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is "doing a horrible job" defending the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act since he signed it …

Logic Shrink: A Game That Teaches Students to Spot Logical ...

Oct 21, 2016· Heated political rhetoric is everywhere. It sets us apart from one another and erodes what's left of civil discourse. It grinds the worthy concept of logic into dust. Not any more. Not when we fight back with a game I'm calling Logic Shrink. You don't need an app, a console, even a board. It's entirely your game and entirely free.

'A stack of books': Check out Glenn's recommended reading ...

Jul 12, 2017· Glenn was featured in a New York Post piece headlined "What the Brightest Minds Are Reading This Summer" – so Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere decided to give him a hard time about their company reading assignments on Wednesday's show.. Joking that it was the only job that came with a syllabus, Glenn tried to remember which books he had assigned for TheBlaze employees to read.

Glenn Beck taken down mid show | TigerDroppings

Glenn Beck taken down mid show Posted by alatxtgr on 2/3/21 at 9:12 pm. 66 2. ... As much shite as he gets, he is probably the best investigative journalist of his time. Too bad he went off the rails. If he just sticks to his chalkboard, there is fairly good content in his presentations in that manner. ... Return to Board. Next Page » ...

Conservative student leader: 'Mandatory diversity training ...

A description of the game indicates that it's a "comprehensive tool that serves as a crash course, training, and board game, all in one, that rapidly disseminates facts pertaining to the various tiers of structural inequality in America (in less than 90 minutes).". As the facilitator, Gillard would "engage participants in a discussion that explores the areas of racial, ethnic, gender, faith ...

Glenn Beck - One of my favorite ways to bring the family ...

Sep 20, 2011· One of my favorite ways to bring the family together is having a game night. We love Zobmondo games at our house - the kids really open up and it's a blast! Today's great deal from Markdown is on a Zobmondo 3 game bundle. Get the details at

Grab Some Popcorn. Here's Glenn's Entire List ... - Glenn Beck

Dec 19, 2017· Glenn's Review: Open your mind. Watch: Netflix. Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers. Comedy special Brian Regan takes relatable family humor to new heights as he talks board games, underwear elastic and looking for hot dogs in all the wrong places. Glenn's Review: I love Brian. Not his best work. Watch: Netflix. Stranger Things. Drama series

Corona quarantine got you BORED? Here are the ... - Glenn Beck

Mar 17, 2020· Blaze TV hosts Glenn Beck, Chad Prather, and Steven Crowder weighed-in with similar but different thoughts on the fascism associated with canceling Dr. Seuss.. Glenn Beck can't help but wonder, "What is wrong with us?" in light of the Dr. Seuss books that have been cancelled due to "hurtful and wrong" illustrations — that takes America one step closer to complete insanity.

These are a few of Glenn's favorite things... - Glenn Beck

Dec 20, 2010· Glenn tried to name all of the favorite things on TV tonight, but he couldn't fit it all into an hour of TV. Rather than shorten the list and go with his FAVORITE favorite things, he wanted to make sure he included everything. So here's the list. Favorite Mexican restaurant? It's there. Best place to buy gear in case the economy collapses in 2011?

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